Job after college

It may come with some surprise, but the main point of going to college is not "the college experience", not "dorm life", "adult life", crazy college parties and rich sexual life. The main point of going to college is getting a good job afterwards.

Imagine that you already graduated. You have your diploma, now you are an alumnus or alumnae. You don't need to take any classes, no tests or exams. So, now what? Your whole life is changing. Everything you waited for came true and you need to do something with it. Getting your first job may be a challenge.

Entrepreneurs like to joke that the main source of money for starting a business is 3 Fs - friends, family and fools. Situation with the first job is very similar. Asking a family member about help can be your best bet. Very often, unfortunately, student and student's family have completely different areas of expertise. If your family lacks those important connections the next way to go is to ask your friends. It's important to mention, that it's your responsibility to create connections during your college years. It is hard to underestimate their influence for your whole career. Graduation from college without making connections is waist of money. This way you could just study on-line and avoid half of the college-related troubles and expenses.

If friends are also not helpful with finding your job (they may even compete with you looking for a job themselves), you still have a chance. This means that you have to be very active. Go to talk to the career advisor at the university. Go to all the career fairs. Look on-line for different job openings, prepare nice resume and apply. Always try to find a way to talk to a person from the company where you want to work. People make hiring decisions. Try to make them interested, show your enthusiasm, use all your winning points that make difference between good and great job candidates. Most important, believe that you are the best, sooner or later you will find somebody who will believe in it and hire you.