Dorm showers

Dorm shower is a very distinct part of the overall college experience. Small and dirty community showers are places for numerous dorm pranks. Bag with a green ink attached to the shower head, switched hot and cold water indicators, stolen clothes and towels... Possibilities to embarrass your friends and enemies are countless. Also, let's not forget about good chance of getting fungus if you forget about basic protection. While guys very often are not concerned about this stuff for a girl it can be a real tragedy.

Also bathrooms and showers are great indicator of the whole dorm style. During college visits most parents and future students just see pretty community rooms with TVs and one or two best rooms in the dorms. Most of the time the reality is not that nice. If you want to know what is living in the dorm really like you can just check a bathroom and a shower. Despite frequent cleaning you can always notice smell and dirt. The amount will show you if it's a "party dorm" or some calmer place where kids also have a chance to study.

Some dorms have "cluster" type structure of showers and bathrooms. This means that they are shared by a relatively small number of people living in a "cluster". This is MUCH nicer than sharing it with the same floor. On the other hand it may cost you additional money, and also sometimes such dorms are not available to freshmen. Anyway, always consider it while choosing your dorm because it will really influence quality of your life for at least a year.