College Humor: Ten signs you are taking a math. class

1. All the good looking girls disappeared.

2. The only one that looks almost OK and that you invited to "study" together on Friday evening actually came to your place to study.

3. After spending three hours together solving problems you feel so dumb that all your romantic plans for that girl said you good bye.

4. You are not quite sure if Prof Smith is a guy or a girl, but after some thinking decide that women cannot be so ugly and also usually have boobs.

5. Your TA (her graduate student) tells you that the professor's name is Jane, she is happily married with three kids, and that 15 years ago she was considered to be the hottest girl at MIT Math department.

6. You decide to apply to the MIT Math Grad Program just to get an idea how the girls should look like if Prof. Smith was the hottest.

7. Your TA tells you that there was only one more girl at Prof. Smith's program, they are still the best friends and her picture is in your professor's office.

8. You decided to go to the office hours just to look at the picture, and realize that Prof. Smith is not that bad. Actually pretty good looking! After all, boobs is not the only thing that makes woman pretty.

9. You hear that professor called the TA Mary, and was shocked when realized that she is also a girl. Year, probably boobs are really not important after all.

10. You get your A (Friday evening studies and office hours helped a lot), but decide to stop studying math and do something easier, what does not require that much thinking. Economics, for example. Mortgages, stocks and other stuff - who needs brain for that? Everybody can do it and be just fine...