College Humor: Ten signs you are living in a dorm

1. Your room is just a little bit bigger than a shoebox

2. To have sex you need to get rid of your roommate, try not to be caught, and insure that your very old bed will not fall apart afterwards

3. The stack of empty pizza boxes is high enough so you can use them as a table for your laptop while sitting on the bed that you miraculously managed to preserve in #2.

4. In the evening you can comfort yourself that you will finish 20 pages from the textbook in the morning while waiting in line to the bathroom.

5. Your food disappears by itself and your roommate has nothing to do with it (he swears!)

6. You bed finally broke into pieces, but nobody knows since empty pizza box stack reached the ceilings.

7. You roommate claims that s/he also needs some time for dating and throws you out of your room the evening just before the midterm

8. You sadly go to the library, and it's the only midterm you succeed that quarter.

9. Your roommate still did not have a romantic time because top pile of your empty pizza boxes fall on his guest in a very wrong moment.

10. You and your roommate start hating each other so much that your stop talking, and after that get pretty decent grades on your finals.