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University of Washington
University of Washington is located in State Washington with main campus in Seattle and smaller campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. It's largest northwestern US university on oldest public university on west coast. It has the best School of Medicine and Nursing Schools in the country. UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Pharmacy School, Graduate Program in Social Work and Library and Information School are in top 5. The international rank of the University of Washington is 16.
Course Year Rating Review
ARCH 450 Modern Architecture and the Decorative Arts (3) VLPA Anderson 2009 awesome
ARCH 450 Modern Architecture and the Decorative Arts (3) VLPA Anderson 2010 Nice!!
ART 120 Influences in Contemporary Art (5) VLPA 2006 The class is fun an interesting, and the prof is engaging. I hated vocabulary quizzes and loved visiting artists and going to museums. The writing was not bad.
ART 131 Alternative Approaches to Art and Design (5, max. 20) VLPA 2009 Pretty cool class.
ART 166 Design Foundations (5) VLPA 2007 Nice class that will teach you design and composition. It’s pretty busy in terms of workload. There are three projects, and people work on them very competitively. You need to work hard if you want to impress the prof and the section participants.
ART 190 Introduction to Drawing (5) VLPA 2007 This class should better be taken with a professor, not a graduate student, although some of them are still pretty nice. It really gives nice introduction for people who did'nt draw a lot. The advanced students find it too basic, but I'm not one of them. It is required for the art major.
ART 245 Concepts in Printmaking (5) VLPA 2009 Funnest class I have ever taken at UW. Printmaking is a great art, and you learn new ways to think about images. Great prof, too
art appreciation 1030 2009 Love the class easy tests
art h 171 2009 it was a fun easy class
ART H 202 Survey of Western Art--Medieval and Renaissance (5) VLPA 2009 Steven Bunn is my teacher. I really enjoy the class and he makes it very interesting. It involves a lot of memorization, but if you can associate history with places and objects than you'll be fine.
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