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University of Washington
University of Washington is located in State Washington with main campus in Seattle and smaller campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. It's largest northwestern US university on oldest public university on west coast. It has the best School of Medicine and Nursing Schools in the country. UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Pharmacy School, Graduate Program in Social Work and Library and Information School are in top 5. The international rank of the University of Washington is 16.
Course Year Rating Review
CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4) NW, QSR 2005 the course is very cool! lectures are fun, the project is challanging, but very interesting!
CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4) NW, QSR 2009 Good class, fun, but gets harder and harder towards the end of the quarter. Either you're a kid who sets the curve or gets 1/2 it
CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4) NW, QSR 2009 Its good
CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4) NW, QSR 2009 Since the homework assignments are such a large part of the grade in this class be sure to set aside ~6 hours to make them PERFECT. Do not be afraid to use late days in order to do an assignment completely correctly.
CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4) NW, QSR 2008 Stuart Reges is a good teacher and the class is interesting. The weekly assignments are very challenging though but overall a good class
CSE 322 Introduction to Formal Models in Computer Science (3) 2008 it is good
CSE 326 Data Structures (4) 2008 The grad student instructor, Ben Lerner, was pretty good!
CSE 341 Programming Languages (4) 2008 Stuart Reges was also pretty good!
CSE 490 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering (1-5, max. 15) 2009 goooood.
CSE 501 Programming Language Analysis and Implementation (3) 2004 large, challenging, but very interesting project, medium-size/effort homeworks and exams.
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