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University of Washington
University of Washington is located in State Washington with main campus in Seattle and smaller campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. It's largest northwestern US university on oldest public university on west coast. It has the best School of Medicine and Nursing Schools in the country. UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Pharmacy School, Graduate Program in Social Work and Library and Information School are in top 5. The international rank of the University of Washington is 16.
Course Year Rating Review
ASTBIO 115 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe (5) NW, QSR 2009 great!
ASTR 101 Astronomy (5) NW, QSR 2009 This class is very very easy
ASTR 101 Astronomy (5) NW, QSR 2007 The course is not bad at all, however too much math (in my opinion) and not so easy, might be boring sometimes.
ASTR 150 The Planets (5) NW, QSR 2007 fun class. Nor too hard in math, interesting lectures and simple labs.
ASTR 150 The Planets (5) NW, QSR 2008 Easy class, with about 45 minutes of homework a week. Midterms are pretty easy. Quiz sections are pointless.
ASTR 190 Modern Topics in Astronomy for Non-Science Majors (3/5, max. 10) NW 2009 not very helpful
ASTR 211 The Universe and Change (5) NW, QSR 2008 This class was taught by Ana Larson who is a great teacher. There was interesting reading and discussion afterwards. The quizzes and final were not bad. The material was really interesting.
ASTR 313 Science in Civilization: Physics and Astrophysics Since 1850 (5) I&S/NW 2009 its great
ASTR 523 Solar Physics (3) 2009 Don't even think about it.
astro 003 2009 awesome
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